Here are some frequently asked questions.

What is a bump?

A bump is a process in which your server is advertised across multiple servers with the use of one command. When you set up the bot with your invite and description it is stored in our database. Then when you run the bump command the bot pulls your information from the database and sends it to all of the bump channels set up so your server is being promoted in hundreds of servers with one command. Though there is a cooldown which means you can only run the command every couple of hours to stop spam and make it fair for all users.

What is the cooldown for bumping?

The cooldown for running the bump command is currently 3 hours. Premium is the same due to Discord ToS requirements. This means that after you run the bump command you will need to wait 2 hours before you can run it again.

How do I report a bug or vulnerability?

In order to report a bug or vulnerability please email hello@ays.gg or send a DM on our Discord Server to AYS Support and it will be forwarded to our Technical Team.

Please make sure to include information about the bug and how to reproduce it as well as what command caused it.

Are there specifications for bump set up inputs?

Yes, there are.

  1. Your invite must be a discord.gg invite

  2. Your description cannot be more than 1,000 characters in length.

  3. Your bump channel can either be the ID of the channel or a tag of it. The bot must be able to send messages and embeds in that channel.

  4. Your Banner if you are a premium member needs to be an invite. There have been issues with other services so just upload your banner to Discord and use the URL of that for your banner.

  5. Your custom bump color if you are a premium member needs to be a hex code. Just search for the color you want and type hex after it. It doesn't matter if you include the # either.

Is Liam Open Source?

No, Liam isn't open-source nor will it be made available to the public. This is for numerous reasons:

  • The complexity of the bot.

  • The resources required to run it.

  • Data protection concerns.

Why is Liam offline?

It may be down due to an unforeseen issue or maintenance. Please check https://status.ays.gg for the status of Liam. If it is only down in your server it may be a sharding issue. Please try to kick it and re-invite it or DM AYS Support for assistance over on our Discord Server.

Liam isn't responding to our commands!

Please try to send a message first, and then run the command as sometimes Liam doesn't add a server to the database when it joins. Sending a message will get Liam to add your server to the database and should then work.

Liam also needs the proper permission to send the response so please make sure he can send embeds as well as regular messages.

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