Here are all of Liam's commands.
Liam now only supports slash commands.
Please remember that the default prefix is / meaning that you need to put that before the command name. You can change your prefix as well.


This command bumps your server to all of the other servers. Has a cooldown.


This command comes with a set of set up commands.
setup description
setup invite
setup bumpchannel
setup banner
setup color
These commands are used to set up your embed.
To have a description with multiple lines. Add \n to the end of each line to let Liam know to add a line.
If you run the setup command by itself it will display a nice embed showing all the commands
Setup Tutorial


Displays the help command. You can also run it like this:
help commandName
This will display the help embed for a particular command and how to use it.


Displays information about the bot such as the developers, hosting and software running.


Displays the invite link to the bot as well as a link to the support server.


Shows the bots ping.


Shows you your servers bump so you can check everything is good to go!