Welcome to the Liam docs! Have fun looking around!

Welcome to the Liam docs! Your one-stop shop to learn about how Liam works and how to set it up. Liam has been through a lot of versions over the years due to the complexity of bump bots and it hasn't been easy building a bot like this. This version of Liam has been in development for months due to many push backs but we didn't give up! To get started, check out the tabs on the side.

Fun fact: Liam was the first bot to ever have auto-bumping before it was removed.

Quick links:

Main site: https://liam.ays.gg Discord Server: https://join.ays.gg Invite the bot: https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=389604896606781440&permissions=137976212560&scope=bot%20applications.commands Premium: https://patreon.com/join/aysdiscord Tutorial: https://youtu.be/geifvuA-9Ww Help Centre: https://help.ays.gg Status: https://status.ays.gg


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